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Our Mission
To encourage, empower, and inspire women to go from struggling with heartbreak to reach a state of clarity and live the life you love.


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Are you ready to get deeply honest with yourself?

Results focused life coaching can help you get there.

Experience real change with coaching sessions tailored to help you to get to know and understand yourself.


Welcome To Personal Development Coaching. 

We help everyday people, like you, overcome what’s holding you back, help you to get clear on what you want and take action to experience and appreciate life at a whole new level.

Are you struggling with:

  • Making Decisions and you can’t move beyond? 

  • Limited Belief or bad Habits?

  • With a Loving Relationship with Yourself?

  • Lack of Direction and Motivation?

  • Accepting all parts of you?

Would you like to:

  • Make clear concise decision for self.

  • Gain Confidence and form positive Habits.

  • Create an amazing Relationship with Yourself.

  • Know your Goals and get Results.  

  • Enjoy Life at a whole new level and own your Power.

About Redefining Life Personal Development Coaching

As a Master Life Coach for the last eight years, Crystal Scarborough with Redefining Life Personal Development Coaching aims to deliver informative, transformation, and inspiration information for women. Whether you are Widowed, Divorced, Empty Nester,  or  have experienced a Breakup, or find yourself some where in between. She is ready to support you as you re-claim your confidence, and re-align with your power to create your life's next chapter. She use proven strategies that help women thrive from the inside out, to connect with their authentic truth, and build cultivating experiences. Are you ready to make a change in your life? Book a service consultation today.  

The Coaching Process

How Does it Work?

Clarity session- listening – problem solving


Goal setting-breaking general goals into bite-size step, and define attainable actions


Follow-up session-wins -Defining progress

Set up next step

Through Redefining Life, I was able to place meaning to my life again after loss and discover the purpose of the things I went through. It give me an opportunity to use my voice in a very powerful way.

G. Cato

I was at a crossroads of having a personal identity breakdown and to prideful to ask for help as a women of god. Coach Crystal helped face myself. It was like a light bulb went off I could see the change beginning. I completed the 8 weeks program and today I am stronger and move out from complacency to live my best life. Redefining Brenda

Redefining Life Coaching Service helped me understand my inner me. Now, I am able to set boundaries for myself and not allow others to take advantage of me.

S Guillory

Interested in working with Redefining Life Personal Development Coaching ?

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